The International Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society (IMSIS) was formed as a legal entity in November 2023 as a UK-based Charity. It is temporarily under the administration of six trustees


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IMSIS Trustees

The Board of Trustees is comprised of three trustees selected from the MSIS board (Region Europe) and three from the IMSS board (Region Americas).

Under UK Charity law, trustees are accountable to the UK Charity Commission and have a duty to ensure that the Charity operates within the law and its accepted constitution ad charitable purposes. Currently, IMSIS has six Trustees, three appointed by IMSS board (Americas) and three by MSIS board (Europe).

Malcolm Clench


Martina Marchetti-Deschmann


Peter Marshall


Peggi Angel

South Carolina, US

Richard R. Drake

South Carolina, US

Julia Laskin

Purdue, US

The Trustees are not the governing body of the Charity and will hand over these functions to an Executive Board to be elected at the 1st IMSIS Annual General Meeting, which will be held in Muenster in September 2025. When the Executive Board is elected, the Trustees do, however, retain an oversight role as described above.

Structure of IMSIS as UK-based Charity

IMSIS is structured as a CIO, whose ‘members’ are its constituent organizations. Hence, upon formation, IMSIS initially had only two members: MSIS and IMSS, who have voted to rename themselves IMSIS Europe and IMSIS Americas respectively. This structure was considered highly advantageous due to the ability it provides for other imaging societies that may form around the world in the future to join.

Since organizations are the members of IMSIS, the status of individuals is members of the constituent organizations (IMSIS Americas and IMSIS Europe) and Associate Members of IMSIS.

IMSIS Americas and IMSIS Europe, along with any future member organizations, retain autonomy to operate in their respective regions and will propose members of the IMSIS Executive Board. The role of the IMSIS Executive Board will be to organize the Annual Meeting, coordinate global events to avoid scheduling conflicts, and fund and organize educational activities

The constitution of IMSIS, which was drawn up with detailed legal advice, gives the Executive Board a great deal of freedom in how it operates. It is not an easy read but well worth scanning if you have about 15 minutes to spare. The current boards of IMSIS Americas and IMSIS Europe would now very much like input from the imaging community on how you would like to take advantage of the opportunities this offers.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please speak to one of the existing board members/Trustees and let them know which areas of activity you would like to see develop or would wish to develop yourself.

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