Benefits of becoming a member of IMSIS


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Travel grants

Access to advertised travel grants and stipends for trainees

Job postings

Gain access to job listing and ability to post jobs on the platform


Benefit from discount on registration fees for the international IMSIS conference

How to join IMSIS? 

IMSIS is structured as a CIO, whose ‘members’ are its constituent organizations. Hence, upon formation, IMSIS initially had only two members: MSIS and IMSS, who have voted to rename themselves IMSIS Europe and IMSIS Americas, respectively. Since organizations are the members of IMSIS, the status of individuals is “members” of the constituent organizations (IMSIS Americas and IMSIS Europe) and Associate Members of IMSIS.

IMSIS Americas and IMSIS Europe, along with any future member organizations, retain autonomy to operate in their respective regions and will propose members of the IMSIS Executive Board.

By joining IMSIS Americas or IMSIS Europe, individuals automatically become members of the IMSIS community.

Are you already a member of either IMSS or MSIS?

current members of imss

Your membership information for IMSS is secured and IMSS members will receive an email asking for permission to import their status into the new system.

current members of msis

Your membership information for MSIS is secured and IMSIS members will receive an email asking for permission to import their status into the new system.

If you want to become a member of IMSIS Europe, you can still register on the MSIS website and your membership information will be transferred once the membership is active on this website

Want to join us now? 
Please be patient…

We are finalizing the last administrative details to be able to receive membership fees. Do not hesitate to consult this page regularly for update, or follow-us on our Linked in page where we will keep you updated as soon as possible!

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