Web design and development

We express our full gratitude to Tiffany Siegel and Madeline Colley for their exceptional dedication and expertise in bringing this website to life. Tiff’s design prowess and content creation, combined with Maddie’s technical skills and strategic insights, have transformed our vision into a stunning reality. Their collaborative efforts have not only crafted an engaging and user-friendly platform but have also enriched our message and set a solid foundation for our mission’s success.
For these reasons, the Boards of IMSS and MSIS are immensely grateful for their unwavering support and commitment, and we look forward to the journey ahead knowing that, together, we can achieve even greater heights.

Madeline Colley

The visual identity of this website has been built based on an original logo design by Nathan Johnson and Chris Anderton.

The secret behind the logo design

The symbol

The globe represents the international aspect of IMSIS with four different views to allow for focusing on one or all areas. The signals represent the data being collected by researchers across the world. The green and blue colors represent the environment in which we all live.

Each region has its own logo declination

The authors of the logo

Nathan Johnson

is a graphic designer and illustrator for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He enjoys the challenge of translating complex science into illustrations which help to convey the benefits of science to society.

Chris Anderton

is a Senior Scientist and the leader for the Biogeochemical Transformations Team at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). His work primarily concentrates on the development and use of MSI, as this is a key technology capable of obtaining biochemical information in a spatially resolved fashion directly from samples of interest.